December 7

All about my favorite things!

This is all about my favorite things!

Tallinn Zoo Tuomo Lindfors 

Starting with my favorite animal. My favorite animals are monkeys or gorillas. These are some reasons I like monkeys and gorillas. First they are so much like people, but so much better. most trainers teach monkeys to be kind and I imagine it would be quite easy since they are so smart, but it turns out since they are so smart sometimes they refuse to be trained as I read. This site tells you how to care for a monkey and about their intelligence.  Which leads me into the second reason I love monkeys. They are so smart. Their “IQ test” hint an intelligent human ancestor.  In one test, animals had to reach around a plastic barrier to obtain a raisin placed right in front of them, but behind the barrier. The smartest monkeys quickly figured out the trick, another group went straight for the raisin before realizing a reach-around was needed, while the less smart ones never seemed to it figure out. if you would like to read more about their test and about monkeys and gorillas “IQ” visit this website and it will give you a lot more information.  The third and final reason i like these smart adorable animals is they all have different neat personalities they all are so kind to each other and are themselves and they don’t judge each other humans could take a couple lessons from them.

24 days to Christmas . . . JLS Photography – Alaska 

My next favorite thing is CHRISTMAS!  The first reason I like Christmas is because I get to spend time with my family.  I love putting up the Christmas Tree with everyone, waking up early and opening presents with them, and eating ham and mashed potatoes with them on Christmas night.

The second reason I like Christmas is because we get a long break from school!  I like that because I can go to sleep late, and sleep in in the morning.  Being at home gives me much more time with my family.

My third and final reason I like Christmas is because PRESENTS OF COURSE!!!  I mean, what kid doesn’t like waking up to presents stuffed under the Christmas Tree with you name written on them!

A place called Salfsch Peter Thoeny – Quality HDR Photography 

My final favorite thing is winter and February.  The first reason I like winter and February is MY BIRTHDAY!!!  I like my birthday, of course, because it’s a day to celebrate me!  I love being around my family and all those who love and care about me.

The second reason I like winter is that we usually get a lot of snow days.  When there is a lot of snow we can get a delay or off school.  This give me and my sister time to play outside together.  This starts me out on my next topic.

The final reason I like winter and February is the snow!  My sister and I play outside, and we make snowmen, igloos, snowball forts, snowballs and snowball fights.

These are my favorite things, and I hope you liked it.  What is your favorite animal, holiday, or season?  Leave a comment down below.  Thank you for taking time to read my blog today.  Bye!


November 3

What are attributions?

When you copy a statement you have to give credit. When you use music you have to give credit. When you use an image you have to give credit.THATS WHAT ATTRIBUTIONS ARE. people who make things like videos images and or statements want credit for it. Nobody wants to design an image and work hard on it to then see it on an 11 year olds blog. so make sure to add atrubutions so you dont get copy writed. Copy Write means when you take and image from a source without giving ATTRIBUTIONS to that person and as we just learned attributions means credit so every time you copy a sources product make sure to give thanks and leave a easy way to get to thier website. Thank you for reading


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October 31

Comment Challenge!

Great job Chloe! I really liked reading your blog about your avatar. It reminds me of when I was trying to create my avatar, but I could not get mine to look like me. I think you did a really good job making your avatar accurate.
Here is the link to my blog

This is ChloeL the blog I commented on.  Make sure to check out her blog.

My avatar how it represents me

  1. Why did you choose to read their blog?  She was in my class and I saw the avatar and liked it.  I thought it was accurate.
  2. How do you relate to this author?  I can relate to her because she talked about having a hard time getting her character to look like her.  I also had struggles creating characters, so I felt I understood what she was talking about.
  3. Why did you leave the comment you left?  I left it because I knew I could relate to her.
October 31

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Image result for image of a halloween night

Three little kids walk upon a front door dressed as Dracula, a ghost, and a princess with diamonds GALORE. A man dressed as a big scary zombie answered with a loud ROUR. The kids dropped their bags and were running on their way, But the zombie wasn’t done he had just started his day. Kid after kid he had scared away. He giggled and chuckled and closed the front front door. He crouched in his dark house to wait for some more. Then came a knock and he sprung to his feet. Little did he know what he was to meet.
What do you think happened next?



September 25

My Passion

Hey guys. Sophie here,and today our teacher assigned an assignment it was what is something we are passionate about. When she said that I stopped to wonder. I didn’t know what to do so after a couple of minutes of hard thinking I came across a subject I love and that’s today’s blog.

One of the thing we physically can’t live without

AnimalsA Taste of Africa

Yes, that’s correct. Today I will be talking all about my animals.

But first let’s just say without animals humans would have a hard time conducting a normal day.they are a key to our lives.

I also have a random fact right before you get into reading further.

Humans are NOT carnivores we don’t need meat but we want it but if we were carnivores you would see all of us get out of our cars and begin to fight over the road kill but………..we don’t.


Now let’s get into the main topic.


First I will tell you how to care for animals. You should take animals out at least three times a day. Morning. Noon. Night. Also, you should NOT keep their food out all day. Feed them when you eat. Doing this also distracts them from your food. If you keep their food out all day they won’t stop because animals are so food motivated. My family learned the hard way so all our animals are over weight. For example one of our dogs who should weigh about or around five pounds ways over ten, so heed my words take the food up sometimes. Don’t worry if your animal does not catch on right away they will learn quickly when to eat. Now on to speaking about animals themselves

I think we should start by saying how many animals I have. I have 17 animals at home.

I have 6 dogs

Doug, Gidget, Jiggy, Gary, Tippy, and Honey

Breeds and ages:

Doug = Black Lab

Gidget = Corgi

Jiggy = chihuahua and a miniature wiener dog mix

Gary = chihuahua and a miniature wiener dog mix

Tippy = chihuahua and a miniature wiener dog mix

Honey = Husky mixed with a Doberman

Jiggy Gary and Tippy are real siblings,but they are from different litters

Doug is the oldest he is 9 then gidget she is 7 than jiggy he is 5 than gary he is  than tippy is 4 lastly honey she is 5 months.

Now cats I also have 6 cats.

Baby face

Buddy because he’s everyone’s buddy

Franco who we actually named after James Franco

Than murray who we named after somebody named james murray on a show called impractical jokers

Than wendy we named her after someone in something called the wack pack on a radio station by the name of the howard stern show

Lastly Leonard who is a itsy bitsy kitten we named him after john lennon and leonard from the big bang theory if you want to hear his cool story just comment it and i will do it maybe

Then guinea pigs both of them are mine

First is jabar i got his name from a show i like called parenthood

And Ferris arter a ferris wheel

Than my sisters mice come in

They are mango and pecan

Last but certainly not least the bearded dragon darwin he is my other sisters

The animals i own:

Both The guinea pigs


And leonard

That’s all about my house of animals

Hope you enjoyed